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Tips for Creating a Good Project Status Report. A project status report is an essential document that keeps project managers and stakeholders fully informed on the progress of a given project. It includes all the business-critical efforts executed by an assigned team, along with the development and risks associated with the said project. This project status report template is generously provided by PM consultant and coach Brett Harned. Open, consistent communications are the lifeline for any type of project. The most effective communication tool you can use to keep your collective team current on the many moving parts of your projects is a status report. A status report, when written effectively, used appropriately and has a structured report will serve multiple purposes to the project. Not only it explains the whole project reports but it also determines project’s problem at hand and provides a possible solution. This is the reason why a status report is one of the key components of a successful project.

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Have you ever gone to the grocery store specifically for one thing, then left with a cart full of everything but? As a project manager, you need to create regular status reports to update stakeholders on project progress. Download Checklist. This way, the stakeholders who read the executive overview and skim the rest will have a summary of the most important information. The first section in your report is the executive overview. It should include a high-level overview of the project status, broken down into three parts:.

It may seem obvious to reference the project name and other items, but without having them on your project status report example, they can be easy to overlook. With the exception of the report date, the project identifiers will stay the same week-to-week. Including the date of the status report is very important: This helps establish an accurate project timeline. Progress summary. This section should include a high-level review of overall project goals and the progress made toward them so far.

Is the project on track, behind or ahead of schedule? Is it over or under budget? The progress summary should highlight any items that need stakeholder attention—even if those items are also discussed in a later section of the report. Project status report example project health and percent complete. This section should indicate the health or status project status report example various project items:. Project health can be depicted visually rather than in narrative form, using a predetermined color code to represent the status of each item as shown above.

For example, green means the item is on track, project status report example, yellow means it is in trouble and red means it requires immediate attention and, project status report example, most likely, stakeholder intervention.

We recommend establishing a quantitative measure for color-coded statuses to best present accurate information. Without this, one stakeholder could misunderstand a yellow status by either overreacting or under-reacting and thus impacting the project even further.

Set yellow for budget to represent that the project is over the approved allocation by between 5 to 15 percent. If the budget projections are greater than a 15 percent overage, the status would be red.

Percent complete should be entered as an actual percentage showing the overall project completion level e. How project tracking software can help: Dashboards offer a live display of team performance and overall progress. These tools automatically capture data and organize it in one place, which saves managers time and effort. In cloud-based project tracking systems, dashboards update in real time as progress is made—meaning users always have the most current information. A picture is worth a thousand words, so use visuals whenever possible.

You can use colors to represent status or include a percent complete chart, a Gantt chart or a table showing progress against milestones and deliverables.

The second section in your report should detail the progress made toward significant milestones and deliverables identified during project planning.

Be sure to include:. How project tracking software can help: Gantt charts are key project planning tools that double as project tracking tools. Using Gantt chartsyou can visualize the project schedule, determine project phases and highlight key milestones—then track team performance and progress toward achieving them.

Some systems have the added benefit of allowing users to drill down into task details from the chart itself. The ability to drill down into this information can be very useful when creating your project status reports. Use the same report format week to week, since this allows for easier cross-report comparisons.

Using a consistent format is important for your report as a whole, but especially for this section—it will allow stakeholders to see, at a glance, any new issues and risks, and quickly spot what has changed about known issues and risks, project status report example. The third section in your report should provide an update on any known issues, risks or change requests that were identified the previous week, and bring to light any new ones. Early project status report example detection and management is essential for successfully completing a project.

This section of your status report should be bulleted. It must cover all risk management effortsincluding:. How project tracking software can help : Both reports and dashboards can be helpful here. Dashboards can be configured with a live display of the same information—in fact, users often have the option of creating a report from the dashboard by exporting it or sharing it with other users, project status report example.

The project manager dashboard above has been customized to show risks by assignee, and to show current open issues and change requests. From this screen, users can export or share the report directly with stakeholders to accompany project status report example project status report. Project requirements and stakeholder preferences vary, but the best rule for creating your weekly status report is to Keep It Short project status report example Simple K.

The fourth, and last, section in your report should measure team productivity, comparing actual progress made over the past project status report example to what was estimated in the previous status report. Praise teams project status report example notable achievements, project status report example, and call attention to incomplete tasks.

A good way to structure this section is to list:. How project tracking software can help: Our favorite addition to this section is a customized report. Using project tracking software, you can send a weekly prompt for team members to submit their status summary, key accomplishments and upcoming tasks for the next week, and the system will automatically collate that information into report format. You can then condense this information for stakeholders and embed it in the project status report.

Alternatively, you can choose to include the more detailed summary as a supplemental attachment—whatever your stakeholders prefer, project status report example. Status reports are a critical part of your stakeholder management strategy. Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations.

They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication. Industries Construction Medical Retail. Lists are important. They help us prioritize—and remember to complete—important tasks. Get Price, project status report example.

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project status report example


A status report, when written effectively, used appropriately and has a structured report will serve multiple purposes to the project. Not only it explains the whole project reports but it also determines project’s problem at hand and provides a possible solution. This is the reason why a status report is one of the key components of a successful project. Find out in this post, complete with a downloadable project status report template and understand how the status report provides transparency on the status of your project's: critical tasks, progress, and risks. Learn the key elements, what to avoid, and use our status report template to quickly create your own weekly status Robyn Reynolds. Aug 23,  · When it comes time to produce your next status report, do you already know what it will contain or do you sometimes wing it? A project status report is a critical part of an effective project communications and management strategy to update your project team, .